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Elevate your real estate business in 2024 with our comprehensive business planning excel file. Designed for real estate professionals, this free tool helps you outline your business plan, set and track your income goals, and manage your prospecting and farm area for the year.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Using Our Excel File

We want to make this business planning tool as valuable as possible so in addition to the asset itself we have provided a step-by-step walk through video explaining each part of this document. Feel free to watch it, save it, and share it with somebody else in the real estate community who could find it useful for their business!


Building a Listing Focused Business

We want to ensure all of our friends and family in the real estate industry are able to build a listing focused business for the future. This business planning tool has been expertly crafted over a decade working directly with agents all across North America to ensure we are tracking towards the numbers that actually matter for long term success in real estate. Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or just got your license this document will be able to help!

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How will this help my real estate business?


Business Plan Income

Working backwards from your goals is a great way to plan out your business for the year. If you want to reach a certain KPI, you input your target numbers, a little bit of extra information, and you will quickly be shown how much work needs to be done to reach those goals!


Prospecting Review

We know the lifeline of most real estate businesses centers around prospecting. We take into account the "big five" as we like to call it which is your SOI, Cold Calling, Door Knocking, Micro Farming, and Open Houses. Every business is different and this is fully customizable.


Farm Area Analysis

Often time we chose a farm without understanding if your efforts in that specific farm will be enough to sustain your business for an entire year. With our farm area analysis, you will quickly be able to outline not just one farm but up to twelve that you want to focus on in 2024.